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today i'm showing you guys one of my favorite outfits. it involves (drum roll) a white tee, some loose boyfriend jeans, white kicks (what else), and to style it up: this fluffy cardigan.

i just really love a simple white tee and some destroyed jeans; you get away with it every time. great when i don’t want to think so much about an outfit in the early mornings: i just blindly reach for a white tee and some jeans, throw in some sneakers and just go with it.

i drew the boobies on this shirt myself with a textile marker and i wear it a lot when going out: dancing or having drinks with friends. i always have good times wearing it, because its so silly and makes people laugh.

the necklace i once made as a fun assecoire for a party and i catch myself wearing it to color up some outfits, i used iron beads to make a cupcake.
scored some points with my five year old niece and her girlfriends too ;) 
and think it is also going to be packed for the upcoming festival season! ;)

cardigan: H&M trend
jeans: H&M
tee: H&M
sneakers: adidas

tote: vanilia

XOXO, daphny

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Reneetje zei

still love the boobie-tee!

x renee