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lately i have this girlcrush. her surprisingly clean, effortlessly and sporty looks have made me fall in love with everything she wears. on top of that i seriously dig her hair color. what i would give for such a natural, amazing color!

i am sure you will feel the exact same way once you take a look at her outfits below if you weren't already a big fan too.

here’s to ebba!  

XOXO, daphny

4 opmerkingen:

Sybil zei

omg!! she's stunning!! :D

Animated Confessions

Maaike - 3xdrie zei

Ik snap het ja.. haar haren en haar kleding zijn fantastisch

Unknown zei

zij is echt geweldig, ik ben obsessed met haar haar <3 xo

Thestylegalaxy zei

Great looks, love them all.