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i have been wearing this scarf for over almost three years now and it's my absolute favorite: for a couple of reasons: it’s really big, warm, and it’s got that nice boho touch that i love so much. 

even in the summer time, at cold late nights i like to wrap it around me. today im wearing my baby with this leather short jacket that i got from my bf a couple of years ago; i love the 80ies vibe that it brings!

and i wanted to show you guys my cute fanny pack! i got it at a vintage store here in utrecht and it made me so happy. i wore it to every festival we went to over the summer and it’s so ideal!

due to the gloves, the beanie and thick scarf i could handle my bare arms and show a little belly too ;)

so let me know what you think!

photography by: marein van hooff

jeans: weekday
jacket: vintage
crop top: h&m
boots: doc martens
scarf: h&m
gloves: river island
beanie: h&m

XOXO, daphny

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